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You can find out about the Northern School staff, and how to contact them, using this guide.  Any member of staff will be happy to talk to you about our activities. The new map is in development here.

Angus is the school Principal and Chief Engineer. His "day job" is with a cluster of projects related to food security, affordable energy and community currencies. He is a qualified permaculture designer with over 25 years of work in applying the skills with a large diversity of clients.  He also has over 15 years experience in developing and running Permaculture Design Diploma programmes.   Read more - Location  - Contact

Krysia is developing educational support materials for the School. She has studied on design courses with Andy Langford, Peppi Gauci and Geoff Lawton. She has a Diploma in Permaculture Design awarded by the Permaculture Academy in the UK. She spent many years working as a Teacher/Trainer in the Health sector and she holds a Cert.Ed (UK). She is our School’s area contact for the Darwen area.  Read more - Location  - Contact

Teresa completed the PDC in 2014 and embarked on the Dip. in Applied Permaculture Design with the North Britain Institute in 2015. She co-teaches the PDC with Angus in Manchester and manages the School's Virtual Learning Environment. Teresa is our Northern School Events Coordinator and area contact in Central Manchester. Read more  - Contact


Marie finished her PDC in July 2017 and was inspired to begin building a small community garden with her neighbours using principles from permaculture design at its foundation. She is the editor of our Northern Edge publication, involved from the beginning with its development and production. Marie is the School's area contact for Stockport. Read more - Contact


Trevor is an apprentice working on the Diploma in permaculture design with the School.  He runs his own business in landscape development and works-maintenance. He is a founder-member of the management group of Whalley Forest Garden. Trevor is the School's area contact for Whalley, Lancashire.   Read more


Paul obtained his Permaculture Design Certificate in 2015, graduating from the course in Bury. He is now looking to work towards his Diploma and also developing as a permaculture design teacher. He has a background that includes work in geophysics and finance and he is currently working in Learning and Development. Paul is active in community projects near his home in the Wirral. He is the Northern School's lead and co-ordinator for our apprentice permaculture teachers and also our contact in the Wirral / Liverpool / Chester area.  Read more  Contact

Andy graduated from the Bury course in January 2015. He also has a masters degree in Human Ecology from the Centre for Human Ecology. His main interests are concerned with relationship - the relationship with the Self, the relationships within the human community and the relationship between humanity and nature. He has wide ranging experience in matters relating to indigenous wisdom, community development, sustainable development and local economies. Andy is our area contact for Bury and Prestwich.  Read more   Contact


Les runs the School's London Office. He has completed Permaculture  Design courses with Mike Fiengold in 2007? and also has a PRI course completion certificate. He was awarded his Diploma in Permaculture Design in 2013? He works on food and health with ELFA in East London and on sustainability with Common Resource. He is also working on the development of community currencies. Les is developing his permaculture teaching skills in association with the School. He is our area contact for London.  Contact  Read More

Elaine was an adminstrator for the School, having completed her Design course in 2013. She supported Angus with the marketing and running of the courses in the North West of England. She was our area contact for Bury and Rossendale.  Elaine was a great supporter of the School right through to her untimely death in 2019.


Jim is a member of the teaching team who has a background in the Steiner/Waldorf approach of ‘Practical Education’ across the curriculum. He has used his expereince in a variety of areas, ranging from instruction in kayak skills to children and adults through to training apprentices in mechanical craft skills. His ‘mission’ is now to support the provision of Permaculture design skills training and to enhance the awareness of local resilience. Jim supports Angus with courses in Scotland.  Contact

Charlotte is an apprentice working on the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the school. She has been designing spaces for learning, growing, creativity and community for clients in Manchester and beyond since 2010. She supports on Design Weekends and will be co-leading permaculture tasters in association with the School as one part of Fat Hen Permaculture.  Contact




Lynne is an apprentice teacher working with the School. She has helped to organise our design courses in Clitheroe, gaining her own certificate in 2011.  She has her own consultancy working on health and well-being  Lynne is the School's area contact for Clitheroe, Lancashire.   Read more 



Robyn completed her PDC at The Northern School in 2014 after taking the long route via the Peruvian Amazon. Having participated in such an enriching experience and practicing Permaculture in a tropical setting, she resolved to return to Manchester to find ways to weave nature back into the city. Robyn has an extensive background in administrative work alongside two years as a recovery support worker in North Manchester. She is embarking on her permaculture diploma. She is the School's area contact for Chorlton..


(Details of other team members will be added soon.)


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