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Krysia Soutar

Principal, Northern School of Permaculture

Krysia is currently developing educational support materials for the School. She has certificates from permaculture design courses with Andy Langford, Peppi Gauci (dryland permaculture Malta) and recently from Geoff Lawton at the PRI.  She has a Diploma in Permaculture Design awarded by the Permaculture Academy in the UK. She has spent many years working as a Teacher/Trainer in the Health sector and she holds a Cert.Ed awarded in the UK. She is the Northern School’s area contact for Darwen, Blackburn and Accrington. 


Krysia Soutar diploma

Krysia has had a varied career as a Registered Nurse working both in the UK and abroad. She has also worked as a Complementary Health Practioner.
She is also working on the development of the Permaculture Institute of North Britain.
In addition to work with the School and the Institute, she is participating in the development of Open Money in the North West of England.This has a direct impact on the School's bursary and payment programmes.


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