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Marie finished her PDC in July 2017 and was inspired to begin building a small community garden with her neighbours using principles from permaculture design at its foundation. She has since been involved with the development and production of our house journal "Northern Edge".

Marie has worked in various mental health and community settings both in and outside of the NHS for over 12 years, largely with children, young people and families. She has a passion for people and recognises that many of us have found it hard to acknowledge or believe in our true worth, personal abilities and creative potential. This seems, in part, to have led to the majority of us giving our power away to those who wield it in highly destructive ways.

Marie believes strongly in Humanity as a species and hopes to witness our ability to reclaim our power and the beginning of our collective journey to a healthier way of being – in her lifetime. She feels that there is no better time than 'now'.

Marie has a background in Creative Expressive Therapies, Art Psychotherapy, Group Therapy and over the past few years has been embarking on further work and learning in Eco-Therapy and Therapeutic Shamanism. She is passionate about how permaculture design helps us to reconnect with Nature and healthy, productive, life sustaining systems. Marie considers that in understanding the various relationships we observe in nature we may more effectively move towards establishing a cooperative, diverse and functional society that values all of its members, contributors and other life forms equally.

You can find out more about Marie and her work here.



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