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The Northern School - Permaculture Design in Northern Britain

The Northern School of Permaculture provides training and professional development services to build skills in productive, functional design. We take a holistic and ecological approach to design, based on the work of Bill Mollison and his Australian colleagues.


Living with Corona Virus

Our assessment remains that there are still many things we don't know about the SARS-2 coronavirus outbreak in the UK, although we are beginning to see our way forward. Our events and meetings continue as on-line conferences. Gatherings will resume once we are sure that they are safe for all participants. We hope that this will be in April.

All events remain open for booking. Scroll down to see current courses. Our on-line programme is published here.

12 February 2021


"Permaculture Design is the first system of conscious, functional, design in the world. That's its unique aspect - its functional design is sustainable."

Bill Mollison (1928- 2016)

Find out more in this short video from the originators

News, Reports, Articles, Reflections

The winter edition of "Northern Edge" is now published.  Read it here.  Full of updates, features and details of "What's on" at the Northern School.  Ask for notification of the next publication here.

Up and coming

Seasonal Talks. Join the autumn and winter programme of evening talks, from December 2020 to March 2021 Read more, explore the programme and book places now

Permaculture Design Course  in Manchester Road Community Centre, Whitefield, starts on Saturday 17 April 2021  Read more Booking now.

Ecological Gardens Design Course, Spring 2021. Booking now! Read More

Introduction to Permaculture Design Course online - booking now read more 

Permaculture Design Course Online,  ongoing at present. Enrollment available for next year's course in from May 2021. 

Eco-Gardening and Practical Permaculture Skills workshops, this programme will be back in Spring 2021 by popular demand - read more

Details of  other events will follow. e-mail us

Catch up / complete your design course

Many of our design courses are modular - see available days.

What the students say: graduates from the recent Design Course at Chorley talk about the course:

Graduates from our 2014 PDC course at Chorley talk about their projects and how the course has helped them

Video release "Agriculture vs Permaculture" from Jack Hill featuring interviews from the Northern School.

The oldest permaculture food forest in Britain  - from our friends Graham and Nancy at Coldstream in Scotland


Our guild has links to other guilds and organisations who acknowledge the power of "open source" working:

Permaculture Research Institute - the PRI is pre-eminent coherent authority on world-wide Permaculture The PRI has accredited our Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) and we are seeking closer working relations with them

Permaculture Institute of North Britain - a guild of design practitioners that regulates the Northern School

Permaculture Research Institute Tap o' Noth - a PRI accredited smallholding in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

CommEnt CIC - a community interest company based in the North West of England. A supporter of our School and the North Britain Institute.

Burnley Food Links - a social enterprise providing healthy local food in the West Pennine region

Permaculture in Maurituis - projects and co-operatives from our associates in the Indian Ocean

Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Africa - we are working with them to develop holistic training and cultural exchange across continents and climate zones

Permaculture Research Foundation Malta - originators of the key permaculture mediterranian drylands project "Bahrija Oasis"

West Pennine Permaculture - a website supporting community application of permacultur in the region around Lancashire, UK

Permaculture Association (Britain) - we are members of this charity promoting permaculture in the UK

Open Money



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