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Modular design course - days 9 and 10

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Day 9  Design for positive social change

A sense of place – bioregions and social zoning, evaluating and valuing our heritage
The client and the brief – working with other people to get more done
- project design and management
Design project – course design project selection and brief -  summary of design process


Pattern - edge, how to use it - niche as an edge
Teamwork observed – diversity of “strengths” and “weaknesses” of individuals
Patterns of Association - natural strengths and weaknesses of human group size


Day 10  Settlements and communities

Settlements: patterns, scales and sizes
Village life – patterns of a settled society - basic human needs - designing for community needs
- questions and issues of scale
“Wealth” and Right Livelihood - what is wealth?- concept of right livelihood

- hints and tips "from the front line" - creating linkages, beneficial relationship


Design projects – tutorial
Communal organisation – “patterns of governance” - tribal societies - the city and civilisation
Alternative nations -
complex societies, cultural evolutions
Useful patterns of organisation and business - Enterprise Facilitation (Sirolli), growth and scale (Greiner), Chaordic organisation


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