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Modular design course - days 3 and 4

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Day 3  - Water and Life

Water is essential for life - uses and duties
Water's unique properties
– open structure - pH and nutrient availability -  dissolved salts

- buffering – dissolved gasses - problems with acid rain and salting
Recap on design and ethics
Systems and Design  – elements / relationships  /functions 


Observation exercise - spirals in Nature - spiral patterns
Site analysis – sector analysis
Design – design cycle (O-A-D-I) - permaculture design defined overview
Design and systems – yields, elements, functions and events
Climate – world climate zones and climate patterns – weather systems


Day 4 -  Water in the Landscape

Water for energy and transportation – "anomaly" of water - density effects, surface tension
-  "living water", vortices, flowforms, Viktor Schauberger and implosion power
Design and systems - objectives and directives - "limiting factors" in design
Permaculture design defined (continued) – material, strategic
and conceptual components - design cycle – BREDIM and so on
Design tools – Relative Permanence

Hydraulics and pneumatics - ram pumps, water wheels, trompe compressors


Water in the Landscape – water for irrigation and settlements – sources, sinks and stores
- the water cycle and Kravcik's work - strategies for water harvesting and flood control
- swales  - keyline planning and dam sites - reservoir and dam construction
- sandpit demonstration (include demonstrations of patterns of entropy and critical state)
Climate and landscape events - landscape profiles - orographic rain - valley circulation

- siting of buildings and terracing
Drylands - salting and fossil water - swales, limonia and boomerangs
- dryland cultivation and irrigation strategies


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