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Modular design course - days 7 and 8

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Day 7  Forests and woodlands

Trees and forests – energy transactions, photosynthesis
-  forests and rainfall - light and heat - trees and wind
- planting strategies and patterns: shelterbelt and hedges
Design, systems and pattern - design as a system - entity and relationship mapping

- thinking and working at scale
Cultivating in climate zones - creating microclimate
- food forests


Branching patterns - observation – range and function - transfer systems
– orders of form in rivers and sand dunes

Woodland and cultivation – in tropics and in temperate climates – nitrogen fixers
– food crops - planting patterns -  sylvan polycultures  - forest garden as a pattern

- management, nutrient cycling, mulch  and composting, Jean Pain method, Hugel mounds
Patterns - succession and stacking


Day 8  Design and aquaculture systems

Aquaculture – systems and strategies - natural wetland eco-systems
chinampas and waru waru - hydroponics and intensive systems
Design – random assembly – options and decisions – overlays and exclusion method

- design methods summary – purpose and function - emergence, growth and feedback loops - networks and cells
Climate – climate and house design - cultivating across climate zones


Ponds and lakes - functions and yields - ecologies 
- nitrogen cycle - eutrophication - oxygen BOD and COD

- thermoclines - strategies and construction - edge, chinampas
Aquaculture 2 - fish farming and aquaponics
Natural wastewater treatment – living systems – domestic – industrial/remedial

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