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Designers Event - things to bring

Keep dry and warm

We will be spending time both indoors and outdoors.  Temperatures are unpredictable, although likely warm in the sunshine and cold in the wind. We recommend you wear several layers of clothing and bring a rainproof outer layer and boots.

Food and drink

We will provide a basic lunch, We will also supply teas "various", coffee and biscuits. Please bring your favourite additional food and drink items for enhancements, snacks and treats.

Designers kit

We will not be providing materials or other kit, electronic or otherwise, but you may be able to borrow some of the items on our more detailed list. At the very least, you should bring a notebook and a pen or pencil. That should get you through the event. But if we all limit ourselves to that, it won't be half as interesting as it could be. If you have an A3 pad (artists or layout pad) that could prove useful. Please pack any coloured pens and simple drawing instruments that you already have - this is a chance to practice with them (or to show off to the rest of us?)

It's best not to rely on internet access on these events, although the mobile phone network should work on site. Books are fun and informative, it is good to have some for reference, particularly for plant growing and for trees. Bring a book on your favourite area of sustainable living.

We should have a surveyor's tape for measuring distances. If you don't have a tape (or a laser measure), perhaps you could bring a long length of cord or string to check dimensions on the site?

The following list is comprehensive, you don't need to bring a lot to the first day, and if everyone brings a few items, then we should have enough. If you have anything on the list to hand, and the capacity to bring it, then please pack the following items:

+ tablet or laptop OR old-fashioned drawing equipment (preferred, as follows)

+ notepad

+ layout pad (or A3 size paper and tracing paper)

+ drawing materials including pens and coloured pencils

+ drawing instruments/flexicurve/french curves

+ clipboard and/or portable drawing board

+ compass

+ pocket calculator

+ indoor shoes or slippers

+ books and magazines to share for "pop up" library e.g. field guides (plant/tree/bird/grass/insect identification), garden and orchard planting, eco-building etc

+ torch (for dark corners)

+ a memory stick for shared information (high a capacity as possible

for video clips etc)

+ seeds and plant material to share (if you have excess in your own


+ info about your own site or projects, including diploma portfolio material -

advice and guidance will be given on request

+ ideas for additions to our checklist !


If you gave any more questions, just contact us by phone.

Phone numbers in case you need to contact us

Angus 07973 856528



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