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Site Data for Brindhurst Farm

Provisional information (Please help to complete this)

(Please check for yourself before quoting this.)

OS Grid Reference:



Elevation above sea level:

Level ground, about

Distance from sea: km (estimated)

Area of property: 3 acres (approx)



Climate zone: Cool Temperate

Annual rainfall: mm (estimated) heaviest in December and January (?), also heavier, to a lesser extent, in June/ July/August (?)

Rains for   days in the month in winter and  days per month in summer.

Average winter temperature   degC

Frosts likely from November to end of April (?) ( for Warrington)

Average summer temperature  

Annual hours of sunshine:  (estimated)

Climate extremes: data not available at time of writing

(Weather info from Jodrell Bank and Met Office)


Site Maps

Available as pdf's

Field A3

Field A4

Garden A3

Garden A4

Woodland A3

Woodland A4

A1 size pdf's also available - contact us!


More information about Ordnance Survey (OS) references

Latitude and Longitude conversion to OS grid references

OS grid reference finder


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