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What do we study on the course?

We follow the syllabus of international 72 hour course that has demonstrated its success over the past 25 years. The course is the standard foundation course for people who want to learn about permaculture design.

In the short space of time that we spend on the course, we can start to prepare ourselves for anything that the planet decides to offer us. As well as seeing a bigger, global picture, we can also become competent at working at the neighbourhood and even regional scales,as well as in within our own homes and gardens.

Although this is a global approach, the course is designed to help you with your local practice, and there will be opportunities to consult and share expertise during the course.

You may preview the course content which gives the main themes with links to more details. You may also compare our content with other major international courses by downloading an outline from Angus Soutar's page here (as a pdf file linked under "My Course Outline").

The course is designed with a modular format - if you miss a day, you can catch up on that day on another of our courses.

We will touch on many disciplines. Most of these will give us merely an appreciation of the skills involved. However, the area where we can develop our expertise is in learning to become good designers, working with any number of “experts”. This field is wide open – come and join us in its study and its teaching.

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