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Formats for the Permaculture Design course


Our certificated design courses (PDC's) follow the "72 hour" international syllabus. We deliver this in a number of formats, each designed to suit the needs of the potential participants. The most commonly available ones are given here, together with links to the course outlines and details:


Intensive - 10 to 12 days "at once", or two individual weeks (see links from individual course pages for programme, the content is usually as for "12 single days")

Weekends - 5 or 6 weekends, typically one per month (for available dates and module contents, see 5 weekends or "12 single days" ).

Single days, 12 in all, usually one per month, see "12 single days"

The Northern School can deliver any of these, according to demand. We can also design particular formats for organisations who want "in house" training.

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