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Urban Gardening and Practical Permaculture Skills

This Autumn 2019 to Spring 2020 programme of day courses and workshops runs from 4th October 2019 to 3rd April 2020 and consists of 4 day courses and workshops:

The Art of Composting 04.10.2019 - Unlock the mysteries of soil to design efficient polycultures. Soil is the foundation of the garden. How would you design efficient composting systems that fit your site's needs, your lifestyle and available time and resources? If you want answers, you will find them on this course. Read more and booking information

Gardening with Perennials 05.10.2019 - learn how to apply the ecological patterns found in forests to design permanent edible and medicinal cultivated habitats. These patterns of cultivation can be applied to any scale, from a patio or balcony garden to any acreage, although the focus of this workshop will be on urban settings, ranging from private to community garden spaces. Read more and booking information

Self-watering Systems 28.03.2020 - Learn the theory and practice of efficient self-watering systems for any size garden. Drought proof your garden and go on holidays knowing your plants shall be well watered. Read more and booking information

Polycultures for Spring and Summer 03.04.2020 - From window box to market garden you will learn how to design effortless planting schemes that nurture soil, wildlife and people. First we will explore the secrets of polycultures by learning the underlying principles that create successful communities of plants, and how you can use those patterns when gardening. Read more and booking information 

 Discounts are available for block bookings on the Autumn to Spring programme and are detailed in each workshop booking form. Some popular day courses and workshops repeat if demand is high, should you wish to attend any that may already have taken place and still wish to take advantage of block booking perks, please email us to find out about alternative dates. This educational programme was designed by Teresa Pereira in response to students' requests.

  Are you interested in hosting workshops at your site, community garden or allotment society? 

 Look at the full list of workshops we can offer below, and let us know whether you would be interested in hosting some or all of these. You can also book a bespoke programme of day courses and workshops if you run a community garden setting and are interested in an ecological approach to gardening. Get in touch to discuss.

Background information -Urban Gardening and Practical Permaculture Skills

You asked and we listened, the result is the Urban Gardening and Practical Permaculture Skills programme. It runs on demand. The workshops can be attended as a series or stand alone day courses. Register your interest here.

The programme was designed based on feedback from our students who look forward to master a wide range of practical skills and techniques that are useful to permaculture designers. At the same time, it also supports the development of permaculture projects designed by our graduates. It responds to the needs of both our students and clients. The courses and workshops take place in a mix of private and community settings in Lancashire and Cheshire.

This programme is open to permaculture newcomers too.

Places are sometimes limited to 12 to 16 people to enhance the learning experience. We ask you to book early to avoid disappointment and support our work in terms of planning. 

Please register your interest in advance so we can schedule the programme accordingly, and feel free to make suggestions as to other workshops we can offer in the future.

Here is a list of courses and workshops available on the Urban Gardening and Practical Permaculture Skills programme.

  1. Self-watering systems (June)

  2. The Art of composting (May-July, often repeats in autumn)

  3. Polycultures for spring and summer (March-May)

  4. Gardening with perennials (March-April and September-October)

  5. Design and Plant a Herb Spiral - practical (April-June and autumn)

  6. Start Willow Weaving (Feb-March)

  7. Tree grafting (Feb-March)

  8. Wildlife Gardening (April or September)

  9. Edible Vertical Gardening (May-June or September-October)

  10. Edible planting schemes for autumn and winter (July-September)

  11. Introduction to Hydroponics gardening (autumn)

  12. Introduction to Aquaponics gardening (July-September)

  13. How to preserve your garden produce (September)

  14. How to grow your own medicines: herbal 1st aid box for common ailments (September)

  15. Vermiculture, how to compost with worms (July-September)

  16. Introduction to beekeeping (spring, summer)

  17. How to build a clay oven (July-September)

  18. Edible mushrooms cultivation strategies for your garden (autumn)

The programme runs every year from late February-March to September- early October. Please register your interest now to have access to early booking and to help us plan ahead. We are counting on you to help us continuously improve this programme over time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and feedback.

£35 each workshop, concessions available upon request, contact us.

5 workshops booked in advance £150 (£30 each)

10 workshops booked in advance £300 (£30 each)

15 workshops booked in advance £420 (£28 each)

ALL workshops booked in advance £450 (£25 each)


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