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Urban Gardening and Practical Permaculture Skills

You asked and we listened, the result is the Urban Gardening and Practical Permaculture Skills programme. It runs every year from March to September. The workshops can be attended as a series or stand alone day courses. Register your interest here.

The programme was designed based on feedback from our students who look forward to master a wide range of practical skills and techniques that are useful to permaculture designers. At the same time, it also supports the development of permaculture projects designed by our graduates. It responds to the needs of both our students and clients. The courses and workshops take place in a mix of private and community sites in Lancashire and Cheshire.

This programme is open to permaculture newcomers too.

Places are often limited to 12 people to enhance the learning experience. We ask you to book early to avoid disappointment and support our work in terms of planning. 

This season we are piloting the programme with only a few workshops, the first one  is the upcoming - How to design Self-Watering Systems - on Saturday 30th June at Offshoots. Read more.

Please register your interest in advance so we can schedule the programme accordingly, and feel free to make suggestions as to other workshops we can offer in the future.

Here is a list of courses and workshops on the Urban Gardening and Practical Permaculture Skills programme.

  1. Self-watering systems June

  2. Efficient composting systems July

  3. Edible planting schemes for autumn and winter July

  4. Edible gardening with perennials March to April or September to October

  5. Design and plant a herb spiral (practical) April

  6. Start willow weaving March

  7. Tree grafting March

  8. Wildlife gardening April

  9. Edible vertical gardening May

  10. Edible planting schemes for spring and summer September or March

  11. Introduction to hydroponics gardening May to June

  12. Introduction to aquaponics gardening

  13. How to preserve your garden produce September

  14. How to grow your own medicines: herbal 1st aid box for common ailments September

  15. Gardening with trees March

  16. Vermiculture, how to compost with worms June to July

  17. Introduction to beekeeping May

  18. How to build a clay oven July to September

The programme runs every year from March to September. Please register your interest now to have access to early booking and to help us plan ahead. We are counting on you to help us continuously improve this programme over time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and feedback.

£35 each workshop, concessions available upon request, contact us.

5 workshops booked in advance £150 (£30 each)

10 workshops booked in advance £300 (£30 each)

15 workshops booked in advance £420 (£28 each)

ALL workshops booked in advance £450 (£25 each)


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