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Permaculture Zoning and "People Care"

"We can teach philosophy by teaching gardening but we cannot teach gardening by teaching philosophy."

Periodically, people remark on the lack of ‘spirituality’ in Permaculture writings and courses, even on the lack of attention to a ‘Zone Zero’ or concerns with human interactions.

About Lynne

Lynne In BalanceLynne sees the natural world as  an ally and teacher and this is expressed through her work with In Balance.
Lynne is currently working toward the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the Northern School and also supports Angus as an apprentice teacher.

She is often away visiting sites around the world, but she remains our contact for the Clitheroe area.

You can contact Lynne by e-mail or leave her a message on her In Balance site

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Paul Smith

Paul has always had a keen interest in nature and his natural surroundings. As a young boy in school he set up his own plant box scheme selling Lupins and Carnations he had grown at home to teachers after all the kids had gone home!

Incredible Farm (Wallsden site)

This describes the first incredible farm site at Wallsdem.

Parrswood Environmental Centre

The Parrs Wood Environmental Centre is on the outskirts of Didsbury, South Manchester.



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