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Design Course at Hoylake, Wirral

Note: we have had to postpone the start of this course until later in 2018. The dates here will be changed- sorry for any inconvenience. Venue remains the same. For more information, contact Paul on 07834 268052 or Angus on 07973 85 65 28 or e-mail us

Join us "on the promenade" for this full Permaculture Design Certificated course, running by the seaside over 6 weekends. We start on 2nd/3rd December 2017 and continue one weekend a month in 2018.

The venue is The Parade, Hoylake's thriving community arts centre which is situated on the Hoylake sea-front at the north-western tip of the Wirral peninsula,

The course will be led by Angus Soutar with support from Paul Smith and visiting teachers. Angus has rich experience of guiding and implementing permaculture design in a variety commercial settings. He is keen to share this growing body of knowledge during, and after, the life of this course.

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What will we study?

The aim is to help you to make the transition to a practical and peaceful future, in the way that you want it to. You can read more about the course topics here.




What will it cost and how can I pay?

We are making a firm offer to "early birds" (firm bookings in advance) - a price for the complete course (12 days) at £360, if paid in full in advance.

You may read more about our pricing policy and what you can expect from us. We are offering several ways to make this affordable for people on low income and, if the fee is difficult for you to find, you are encouraged to negotiate with us.


The course will be held at The Hoylake Parade Community Centre which is accessible by public transport. Get travel plans and directions There is also free parking in front of the building: we can facilitate car-sharing or lifts with fellow participants as the course gets underway.

We have booked a well-appointed and spacious training room with sea views in a "relaxing and calm environment".



Dates and times

To be advised.  These dates will also be listed on the course dates page.

The day starts at 10.00 am and finishes at 5.00 pm. We enjoy a shared lunch together in the middle of the day.


Additional information

This short film features graduates from one of our previous permaculture courses.

View some more feedback from previous course participants


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For further enquiries, contact Paul on 07834268052 or Angus on 07973 85 65 28 or e-mail us



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