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Design course module dates (12 single days)

The following Permaculture Design Course days are available on a modular basis. You must have done "Day 1" before you can attend any of the others. If you want to attend any of these on a "visiting" basis, please contact us to book your place  We will do our best to accommodate you, but sometimes the venue will limit the number of places available on the day.
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Bury (Whitefield)

PDC The Parsonage Didsbury (South Manchester) PDC
Day 1

16 February 2019

  13 October 2018  
Day 2     14 October 2018  
Day 3


  18 November  
Day 4     9 December  
Day 5     13 January (2019)  
Day 6     17 February 2019  
Day 7     17 March 2019  
Day 8     14 April 2019  
Day 9     19 May 2019  
Day 10     16 June 2019  
Day 11 15 September 2018   20 July 2019  
Day 12

20 October 2018

  21 July 2019  
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New dates will be added as soon as they are confirmed. If you want to attend any of these sessions, click on the contact at the bottom of the column or e-mail the admin team.

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