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Modular design course - days 1 and 2

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Day 1 – Introduction to Permaculture

Introductions – history - Permaculture One: Bill and Dave's excellent adventure
- Global Gardener: Bill develops the PDC - welcome to a new global nation
- reintegrating people into landscape - course outline
The Parable of the Chicken
Lessons from the chicken, what is a system?  inputs and outputs, work and pollution, cycling
, polycultures
Design cycle:  Obeserve, Assess, Design, Implement


Observation walk and de-brief, thematic and non-thematic observation
Ethics of Permaculture - resource use and design - the prime directive of permaculture
How the course will be organised – participation, dates, work exchange, books, on-line library


Day 2 – Introduction to Permaculture Design

Recap – ethics and action through design
- the parable of the chicken and the introduction to systems
Design and polycultures - monoculture to polycultures, agriculture to gardening

- how is permaculture design different to other forms of design?
Design cycle (Observe-Assess-Design-Implement) - "a framework"
Analysis and placement - work and
materials flow, relative location
Site analysis - classic homestead patterns, zoning
Our creation story – the basic elements of life, the universe (and everything)


Water, Carbon and the basics of life
- hydrocarbons and carbohydrates - combustion and respiration
- storage and release of solar energy in Nature
Basic ecology- food web - trophic "levels" – succession
Characteristics of natural systems - Permaculture defined
Course organisation – review allocation of tasks, issues

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