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"Open House" 22nd September 2018

Northern School Re-union and Drop In
The Yard Theatre, Homes for Change, Hulme
Saturday 22 September 2018
Programme v1.1 Aug 2018

Outline Programme

Reception 14.00 - 18.00

There will be a plenary talk/discussion/workshop "on the hour", that is due to run for about 15 mins and then we will "break out" for the rest of the hour, clustering around various focal points around the room.

"On the hour" topics:

14:00 Introductions (from hosts - including Homes for Change, and personal check in)

15.00 Permaculture Design with the Northern School

16.00 "Plan B" for Permaculture (Angus Soutar)

17.00 Currently "Open Space"with options including: here

  • seeing things differently (Goethe and Permaculture, spot the giraffe);
  • proposals for workshops we'd like to do at a large permaculture convergence (just "tasters", such as)

lessons from Soviet Engineering design (free from obsessions with consumerism and perfectionism)
use of dogs in permaculture systems"
invite more suggestions); and then there's

  • permaculture design in Ethiopia
  • offer something!


Break 18.00 - 19.00

Transition from "gallery" space to party space Allow for meal-break for those who wish to stay on from the afternoon.


Social 19.00 - 22.00

Details to follow

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