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Sustainable Futures conference - programme

An unconventional convention, central Manchester, 5th and 6th September

The format of each day will be group-work that aims to answer a few specific questions that are set out here. The group sessions will use the Ketso table-top toolkit to capture everyone's responses and ideas. These sessions will be limited to around an hour, allowing time in between for introductions, networking, and even relaxation time. We would like the event to go at its own pace, so there is no strict timetable. However, we will ensure that the event itself keeps to time:

Each day will run from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Lunch break is from 12.30 to 2.00  Lunch will be provided (as long as you have booked in advance)

The broad structure of the event will be as follows:will be as follows.


  • what do we value in the bioregion as it is now?
  • what can we do to contribute to a sustainable future in the bioregion?
  • what are the underlying values shown by discussions throughout the day?


Taking the outcomes of Saturday:

  • what support systems are needed for people working on the ground to achieve a sustainable region?
  • can existing technologies help?
  • what should be the impact of our values on the development of new support systems?

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