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Creating our future - a bioregional approach for the Lune and Wyre valleys , Spring 2015

We are running an afternoon and evening meetings looking at resource mapping to support local development in the Wyre and Lune regions of Lancashire. These will be at the Gathering Field on Friday 27th March from 2.00pm to 8.00 pm, with a break for an early evening meal. The Gathering Field is at  Swainshead Hall Farm near Dolphinholme in the Over Wyresdale valley.  The event will be led by Angus Soutar ,

The meeting will take a bioregional approach to sustainable development, involving a broad-based engagement from local people and organisations, both small and large. This is our first meeting and there will be a particular focus on health.

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What we will do

We will outline what the bioregional appraoch is and do some work on a preferred future for the region - one that sees healthy people living peacefully within a natural landscape. We will ask who is leading up projects that are likely to take us towards this vision and how we can build and maintain links between those projects. We are inviting people running projects to explain what their immediate needs are, and then begin a discussion on how this information may be freeley circulated, ulimately at regional and wider scales.

The programme includes:

  • a brief explanation of the bio-regional approach to sustainability
  • an exploration of what a peaceful and productive future may look like
  • a brief review of existing health-related projects that are working towards that future
  • mapping as a strategy to connect projects, people an organisations that will create that future
  • initial specifications for an "open source" process for a values-led information system to facilitate the mapping.


Who should be there?

The meetings are suitable for people who are:

  • are running projects and busimeses, particularly those contributing to a healthy future in the region
  • want to know more about the bioregional approach to localsim and sustainable development
  • have an interest around community engagement in planning and policy development
  • wish to help develop open-souce information systems that contribute to the common good.



There will be no charge for this event.  Bring food to share for tea.


Swainshead Hall Farm


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