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Seasonal Talks

 Join us for engaging and thought provoking talks on zoom, every Thursday, from 6.30 to 8 pm latest. Let's connect, debate and network to start creating a better future for ourselves, our families and communities. Change starts with everyone of us, right here, right now.

 The current programme is brought to you by the diverse guild of teachers, apprentice teachers, graduates, practitioners and associates of the Northern School of Permaculture. The Autumn and Winter season focuses on resilience, design practice, education strategies fit for the 21st century and how to cultivate wellbeing in challenging times.

 Angus Soutar will kickstart the Autumn and Winter programme with the talk: 'Onward into the Darkness' on Thursday 5th November. Check the programme below and book your place asap for each talk you wish to attend. Places are limited so don't dilly-dally for too long. After booking you should receive a confirmation message and on the day of the talk a link to join.

 If you are currently studying with the Northern School, or have completed a course in the past, you can select the pay later option which effectively allows you to book a free place. Otherwise the suggested donation is £5 per talk.

 If you can, please, make a donation. It would be greatly appreciated, your contributions help us cover the costs of creating a private video channel to upload the talks to after the live sessions, since so many of you have asked us to make the content available after the events.

 These talks are open to newcomers, the permaculture curious and prospective students wishing to survey the Northern School's social landscapes. You are unlikely to find us actively cultivating a presence on social media so this is the place to connect with us.

 Looking forward to seeing and meeting you soon.

Autumn and Winter Talks

2021 Upcoming

11 March: 'Spring Medicine' by Edwina Hodkinson read more and book here

18 March: 'How Does an Eco-garden Grow' by Teresa Pereira read more and book here

25 March: "Defund the Universities!" by Angus Soutar read more and book here

2022 Upcoming

03 March: 'Spring Wellbeing' by Teresa Pereira

Past 2021

21 January: 'At the Crossroads - towards a digital future?' by Angus Soutar read more and book here

26 January: [Tuesday] 'The Ethical Basis of an Alternative Nation' by Marie Edwards read more and book here

04 February: 'How can we Design the Curriculum for Resilience' by Paula Moses read more and book here

11 February: 'Food for Thought: The Poison in Our Food Supply' by Suzanne Clifton read more and book here

18 February: 'Food for Thought: We Are What We Eat' by Suzanne Clifton read more and book here

25 February: "I Haven't Got the Energy" by  Angus Soutar, read more and book here


Past 2020

5 November: 'Onward into the Darkness' by Angus Soutar, read more.

19 November: 'Autumn Root Medicine' by Edwina Hodkinson Medical Herbalist, read more and book here.

26 November: 'Placemaking' by Elsa Little read more and book here.

03 December:  'Lessons from the Luddites' by Angus Soutar read more and book here 

17 December: 'Winter Wellbeing' by Teresa Pereira read more and book here 


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