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Woodland gardening - evening talk


An evening talk by Angus Soutar in association with Incredible Edible Prestwich and Transition Town Bury

11th January 2012 - Royal British Legion Club, 225 Bury Old Road - just up the road from Heaton Park Metro Station



There is a growing interest in low-maintenance gardening using perennial plants, including trees and shrubs. Traditionally, woodland has been a rich source of food and materials for people, and it presents the following advantages over the cultivation of annual vegetable beds.

  • In cool temperate areas, woodlands are much more productive in ecological terms
  • In urban areas, woodland is often easier to secure, to establish and maintain when compared with allotments and urban agriculture
  • woodland contributes to soil-building and rapid transfer of nutrients, whereas cultivated soils require constant vigilance and energy if they are not to become depleted
  • woodland is highly effective at mopping up harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and it contributes to local climate moderation and flood control
  • conventional horticultural techniques may be used within an overall woodland environment


Angus Soutar will describe some of the recent developments in this fascinating approach, and will discuss some of the challenges involved. Angus is a founder member of the Permaculture Institute of North Britain and is an active supporter of several community projects in the region.





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