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The challenges of city life

" Be careful what you wish for - you may receive it." Humans have lived on our planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Around 5000 years ago, our ancestors began to dream of the world that we have today, and subsequent generations have brought about a "world of wonder" (at least, in rich countries, like ours).

Now, many of us are becoming uneasy that the "Great Dream" is turning into a "Great Nightmare". How can we re-imagine our future? What can we learn from the past? Why is it important to know where we are?

Angus Soutar will attempt a "broad brush" answer to those questions in his talk, and ask for questions and suggestions that might help us, and those close to us, begin to map out the next 5000 years....

Angus works both in urban regeneration and rural development and he is a founder member of the Permaculture Institute of North Britain.


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