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Directions from Clitheroe

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This is a slow route over difficult roads. Passangers could get spectacular views but drivers should keep their eyes on the road. Sheep and crumbling roads are among the hazards.

Head for Dunsop Bridge

As you come into Dunsop Bridge, keep going forward (Trough Road, signposted Lancaster). Go past Dunsop Bridge. You will soon be on a pass through the hills - "The Trough of Bowland". Drive (carefuly) through the pass and drop down through open country on the other side.

After several miles, you will pass a cluster of buildings on your right marked on Google Maps as "Marshaw". There will be a small river on your right.  Prepare to take a left turn in amongst the trees and go downhill. There is no signpost for this road (which goes to Scorton and Forton), although the main road has signs oppostite the junction.

Travel a few miles through open country. The best progress indicator is the cattle grids, you should cross four of them before you look for the turn-off. Look out for a farm on your left, then a grove of trees. The road will bend sharply to the right, you should then look out for the farm track on the right and turn into it. The track is lined by hedges and the entrance is hidden. There is a small wooden bridleway signpost at the end.

The track is in generally good condition. Watch out for sheep where the road dips down. Drive up to the farm, past the barns and the caravan, and turn left immediately into the courtyard.

[If you miss the turn-off to the Gathering Fields, you will see farm buildings against to the road on your right and beyond them Tinkers Lane. Turn round and try to pick up the left turn to the farm on your way back - not far away.]



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