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Natural systems and patterns

Lessons from “the parable of the chicken” – what is a system? Inputs and outputs  
A modern creation story – the basic elements  - water, carbon and the basics of life - – the carbon cycle – hydrocarbons and carbohydrates - combustion and respiration - storage and release of solar energy
Basic ecology and biology - trophic levels  – BOD, COD and pollution – photosynthesis - - succession
How natural systems (e.g. group exercise and debrief) - resilience, diversity and stability. - a model for the future? - permaculture defined
Nutrients in soil - plant and animal/human nutrition
Water as a vital resource (the basics) – open structure – pH – dissolved salts – dissolved gasses – buffering
Pattern - spirals
Branching patterns
Pattern in design – social, cultural, artistic
Patterns: succession and stacking
Systems and energy – open and closed systems – the efficiency of natural processes - exergy and lethargy
Systems – emergence, growth and feedback loops – purpose and function
Sandpit demonstration of patterns of entropy and critical states
Non-linearity in nature and society – expect the unexpected
Patterns of patterns – a summary of the different types of patterns in nature – exercise: a general model?



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