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An introduction to Open Money

Wednesday 28th May at the Manchester Buddhist Centre, Turner Street in Manchester City Centre from 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm.

This is not just about money - the event is also about people and skill, trade and community. We won't be talking much about "the economy". This is just an event for people who use money, and could use some more of it.

You are invited to this early-evening event led by Angus Soutar where he will go through the basics of Open Money.  No prior knowledge is needed - in fact it is best if you come along completely unprepared, just looking for a good evening out! We will continue socialising afterwards, but we will have to leave the Buddhist Centre at 7.30.

This is a free event sponsored by the Northern School of Permaculture in their usual "no frills" style. We have booked the library at the Buddhist Centre, space is limited there, so please book your free place - tick the box on our reply form here -  as soon as you have decided to attend.

Invite any of your friends who might be interested (but make sure they are booked in if they want to come).



Gather in the Reception (above the Earth Cafe) from 5.45pm. The event will be held in the library.

Manchester Buddhist Centre
16 - 20 Turner Street
Northern Quarter
(city centre)
M4 1DZ

0161 834 9232

Near the edge of the "Northern Quarter", a short walk from Sudehill and Market Street tram stops. Map and further directions at The Buddhist Centre website


Event Timetable

6.00pm What is Open Money? Explanation from Angus Soutar, including questions and discussion

6.45pm  How community currencies work - a trading game

7.30pm Onward to "carriages" or further "carousing"



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