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Diploma development priorities

Our main focus at present is on the quality of our outputs (what does someone have to demontrate before they can be awarded with the diploma) - with the standard at accreditation.

We will work alongside our colleagues in the Permaculture Institute of North Britain to achieve the following:





Ensure that our vision, goals and outcomes for the diploma are
compatible with other regions across Europe and beyond (before
engaging in any further discussions about harmonising system




Agree criteria and good practice for Design Support Tutors and
agree standards for their accreditation/recognition as such

Liaise with other regional networks such as PA(B) and the
European working group to produce a forward plan



Conduct a survey of apprentices and tutors to inform the design of
any improvements to the system


Continue the development of the people within our work-net.     














Quality of process comes next. But before quality assuring process we also need to agree on:
● what the processes are
● how to determine their quality.

However, discussions on quality of outcomes will help to build consensus. Permaculture Institutes across Europe are ready to have this discussion, which make it even more timely.





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