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Comments from previous design courses - Chorley 2012

Here are some comments from participants in the Chorley permaculture design course, after receiving their completion certificates from Angus Soutar



"Angus you great big breath of fresh air... thank you so much for being my teacher and for a year of amazing learning and bonkers fun.  love love love "





"I'm passionate about learning all I can connected with Permaculture and applying it to my home, garden and way of life. I enjoyed a wonderful Permaculture design course with Angus. Also now applying knowledge to assist with Transition Towns projects and continuing with my Diploma."   Emma





"Cross fertilisation of ideas - and an opportunity to test them, thank you."






Permaculture: happy animals.  Amanda










"Chickens, and inspiration"  Dave

"The kind and friendly atmosphere that Angus created".  Anne-Marie






"Thought-provoking, inspirational and FUN! Thank you, Angus"


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