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Suzanne Clifton

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Suzanne completed the PDC at Bury in January 2020. As an experienced adult skills teacher, she is keen to apply the design principles of permaculture to the classroom, and believes that the qualities of a permaculture practitioner align thoroughly with those of a good educator. It is a passion of hers to make learning as accessible to everyone as possible, and she continues to study Makaton (a unique language facilitating communication through signs, symbols and speech) in order to broaden her communication skills. She provides support for the delivery of the PDC courses and is our contact for Warrington and the surrounding area.

Currently working on producing an edible lawn at the back of her house, Suzanne is enthusiastic about sustainable gardening and its relevance to the future of food production on a personal and a community level, within the UK. She delights in cooking with, and preserving, produce from her garden, and enjoys trying new methods and recipes. Her fervent hope is to one day have enough land to keep bees. 


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