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Design Practice event at Greave House Farm

We will run a designers weekend at Greave House Farm, Stocksbridge, near Sheffield on the 22nd and 23rd February 2014.  Greave House Farm is situated in open farmland above the town of Stocksbridge, about 12 miles northwest of Sheffield, deep in the Pennine Hills.

The Farm's owners wish to create a welcoming, inclusive and therapeutic environment where people can get involved in various activities such as animal care, gardening, and also in training courses, such as environmental education - all in a supportive, caring atmosphere.

The event will be led by Angus Soutar.

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Information for those already booked.


What we will do

The weekend gives you a chance to learn more about the practice of permaculture design and to improve your design skills by working with experienced designers. Read more. We also intend that the results will bring lasting benefit to the activities of the Farm and subsequent visitors to the site.

This event is suitable for those who are on their pathway to a permaculture diploma and priority will be given to those applications accordingly. It is, however, open to all - read more about the variety of people who may attend.



There will be a charge of £40 for the weekend to cover basic food and shared overnight accommodation.


Food and Accommodation

Hot food will be provided, but you should bring your favourite snacks and "extras".  You may state your dietary needs on our booking form.

There will be an evening meal and socialising in the Farmhouse on the Saturday night. Overnight accommodation is available in the farmhouse.

Camping is another option for those hardy perennials and outdoor types who want overnight accommodation.  You can give your preferences on our booking form.


Greave House Farm, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 4GH




  Book a place on this weekend.

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