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Using the forum

We have created this space for discussion between students, graduates and staff of the Northern School. Anyone is welcome to read through.

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One use for this forum would encourage students to contact each other with ideas, queries, questions, along with sharing any joint designs they may be working on.

Angus and any staff will also be contactable for questions, suggestions and highlighting any events which may be of interest to all those involved with the Northern School.

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Any visitor from the general public can read the posts here. But nobody may contribute unless they are a participant in the School - you must be logged in before you can contribute.. Private forums are also available, on request (these, as their name suggests, will not be available to vistors, only to participants)

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Hello Angus, Hello everyone else!


Was at the Permaculture course in 2013 at Wiston Lodge. Really enjoyed my time studing there but Ive a question & wondered if anyone could help or signpost me on to where I can get more information. 


Goes like this: myself and my partner are taking the first steps in starting a business together, which we hope will grow into a social enterprise. At first we are of a mind to start a catering business for my partner's delicious Venezuelan food! I talked through what I remembered from the course re: trusts and companies and the added security of trusts owning assets but only could remember so much. So is there anyhere I can get more info on this set-up or examples of it being used?


Really appreciate any help you can provide Angus, or anyone else for that matter.


John S


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