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Linking the diploma to mainstream qualifications

By Angus Soutar

My reluctance to prioritise “mainstreaming” of the diploma at the current time is based on:

● a desire to maintain and nurture our diploma's distinctive qualities
● a question about application of our scarce resources and our priorities

This table is offered as a discussion piece for those interested in “mainstreaming”. We
support the rights of apprentices to benefit from our distinctive qualities while gaining their

Distinctive Quality Underpinning Principles Possible strategies
forward for integration
with mainstream

Intrinsic value

Permaculture ethics
Ethical qualifications?

Recognition of peers

Global nature of
Professional models
Person-centred approach

Valuing diversity


Tutor workload light and

“Greatest effect for the least
Our diplomas may be
granted to semi-literate (oreven illiterate) people
“Yield is unlimited” ???

















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